Select Aged Maine Kombu 2017 (4oz)

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Our Select Aged Maine Kombu 2017 (Laminaria digitata) was sustainably wild harvested in the fall of 2017 and dry aged by Atlantic Holdfast Seaweed Company.  This small operation is based on a remote island in outer Penobscot Bay, 7 miles off Stonington. There, the strong currents, active surf and exposure to the force of the open ocean create the ideal conditions for this species to thrive.

The highest quality blades were then hand selected and hand-trimmed for this limited-edition small batch of only 40 packages from Heritage Seaweed. When these are gone, that's it till next year! We hope you’ll agree that the result is a delicious, aromatic Maine version of an Asian staple.


Kombu is the main ingredient in dashi, Japanese cuisine’s famed all-purpose cooking stock. The deeply savory umami flavor it imparts is the defining element in miso soup.

What else is dashi used for? All kinds of broths and soups – especially noodle soups.  Poaching vegetables or fish. Brining chicken, fish or shellfish. A flavor booster in vinaigrettes. Combined with flour, a coating for grilled meats.

A common way to make dashi is:

  1. Soak 10–20 grams of Kombu in 1 liter (4¼ cups) of water overnight in a sealed container.
  2. Bring to a low simmer and immediately remove from heat. Strain out the seaweed.
  3. Vegans and vegetarians stop here.
  4. Other cooks immediately add 10 grams of katsuobushi flakes (dried, fermented, smoky tuna) to the hot liquid.
  5. Strain out flakes after 5 minutes.

Laminaria digitata (also called Kombu, Horsetail Kelp, Oarweed and Sea Tangle) has been prized as a source of iodine since the Middle Ages. It’s the North Atlantic Ocean equivalent of Saccharina japonica (Japanese: Konbu, 昆布), (Korean: Dasima, 다시마), (Chinese: Hǎidài, 海带).